• luan aura sprays

Moon Ritual Aura Sprays

To be used for your monthly moon ritual, these aura sprays help manifest your wishes and dreams. Use them with your chosen crystals or Luan jewellery to set your intentions on a new moon and see your intentions become reality. These sprays cleanse, balance and harmonize the vibrations of your aura, crystals, jewellery, home and workplace.

Moon ritual

  • New moon spray: To set your intentions on a new moon you must first do an energy cleansing of your aura, your environment and your crystals of with the new moon spray. Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it in the moonlight of the new moon along with your crystals or Luan jewellery. 
  • Recharge spray: Spray and feel renewed. To be used throughout the month to cleanse and recharge your aura or general environment as well as amplify your crystals and Luan jewellery for your intention.  
  • Full moon spray: Give thanks and imagine vividly what it is you want to manifest then spray the essence around your body and environment. This spray aligns us with the universal energy of abundance and prosperity and helps to attract and receive our deepest wishes from this endless source of energy.

Natural ingredients 

Hand-made using only natural ingredients. The sprays contain crystal energies, tree essences, essential oils and fields of consciousness.