Dragon Ring


Expansion, Manifestation and Co-Creation

The Dragons are one of the most powerful symbols in the history of humanity. Despite having no actual proof of their existence, their stories have lived throughout time and amongst many different cultures. For decades the Christian church sadly drove propaganda that symbols of dragons were representations of evil closely related to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In the Orient however, the dragon is one of the most revered creatures and symbolises supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.

Dragons for Co-Creation

Dragons help us listen to our internal voice and guide us to pursue our life purpose and desires. Co-creation is about manifesting your own dreams and goals and it starts with you understanding that you have the power to expand your life yourself. Define a clear intention and put your own energy behind it, take responsibility and see just what you can create. Ask the dragons for help in expanding your co-creation skills.

Our unisex Luan Dragon Ring is available in solid sterling silver and 18k gold plated silver and is fully adjustable to all ring sizes.