• rose sage smudge stick

Rose and Sage Smudge Sticks



Our hand-made rose petal and sage smudging bundles help purify negative energies and emotions and call in the enchanting vibrations of love. 

The perfect purification for your LUAN JEWELLERY intention setting, moon ritual, crystal cleansing, general aura or living space clearing. 

Smudging is an ancient ceremonial ritual practiced by native American tribes that involves the burning of sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing, warding off of evil spirits and energies or for specific blessings. Californian white sage is powerful at cleansing and has also been shown to have antibacterial properties. 

The rose has been used as an ingredient in love spells since ancient times, and the petals of this enchanting flower are known to be potent bringers of good fortune, happiness, and luck in love.

How to use your smudge stick:

  1. Light the tip of the smudge stick and gently fan or blow the sage until it begins to gently smolder and smoke
  2. Hold in a heatproof container, smudge pot or shell in case of falling embers
  3. Fan the smoke with your hand, smudge fan or smudge feather and waft the smoke where you wish to cleanse
  4. If you are cleansing a room, move in a counter clockwise direction to banish negativity
  5. Recite your cleansing mantra and set your intention. The smoke represents your intention going out in to the Universe to manifest. A recommended smudging mantra:

Made of 100% natural ingredients; rose petals and Californian white sage wrapped with cotton string to allow for safe burning.